Sally Fellows, RIP

How is the death of a passionate reader from Omaha, Nebraska connected to the fake review scandal? Read on. My life as a published writer and the mass use of the Internet dovetail in an interesting way. (Well, it’s interesting to me.) I bought my first computer, a Mac Classic 2, in 1993, and wrote my first book on it. Sometime in 1994, maybe 1995, I bought an external modem and connected to the “Internet” via a free CompuServ program. Yes, I am approximately 9,000 years old. There, I discovered Read More [...]

A Fan’s Notes

Whatever one thinks about crime fiction -- the best, all-purpose label, encompassing more than "thriller" or "mystery" or "whodunit"* -- nothing is more formulaic than the semi-annual thumbsuckers on the genre, which require that 1) someone point out that crime fiction is popular (yes) 2) that it is formulaic (some, not all) 3) that it is a conservative form that breaks the world in order to re-order it, granting readers the illusion of control missing in daily life (true dat, most of the time) 4) that it is ultimately inferior to literary fiction because if a crime novel is really good, it can't be a crime novel. Read More [...]