Location, Location, Location

Over the past decade, my reputation as a writer has become inextricably linked to my hometown of Baltimore. Thirteen years, fourteen novels, and only one, In Big Trouble, is set outside Maryland. So why does the fifteenth, I'D KNOW YOU ANYWHERE, unfold in the suburbs of Washington D.C.? Read More [...]

The Great American BOOB Tour

I am making very few public appearances for this book -- Bethany Beach, Oxford, MD, Oxford, MS and Baltimore are pretty much it. Hence, the BOOB tour, with Memphis tacked on the very end. Although it looks like I'll make Los Angeles as well at the end of the month, and I still neeed to figure out a date in my second home, New Orleans, so -- BOOB-M-NOLA? Bubbelah? Read More [...]

The best pet I ever had…

By my calculations, the seventeen months between the hardcover publication of Life Sentences and I'd Know You Anywhere is one of the longest in my career. So I feel I should try to provide more fresh content here on the website, old-fashioned as it feels in these Tweeting, Facebooking, blogging times. Read More [...]

Closing Time

In the final days of August, I met Ian Rankin at the Oxford Bar, trying to conceal my fangirl glee. The Oxford Bar! Rebus's hangout! With Rebus's creator! I'm not going to lie, I felt pretty cool, although I know that Rankin, a gracious sort, has invited many writers to his favorite bar. Read More [...]

Serial Killer

It was a disease peculiar to the 80s, as I recall. Reporters everywhere wanted to do what Amistad Maupin had done with Tales of the City in the San Francisco Examiner, or copy Cyra McFaddden’s The Serial. At the San Antonio Light, a coworker and I even wrote a proposal about -– I think –- a local real estate agent and, maybe, a murder, although I might be confusing our concept with what someone else actually executed in another newspaper. Read More [...]